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Meningioma Mommas is a lifeline, which grew out of an overlooked need for those stumbling around in the dark after being delivered a shocking four word sentence, "You have a meningioma." We are an alternative to the grim statistics, numbers, and percentages all-too-prevalent on the internet. Whether you are newly diagnosed, a veteran survivor, a "momma", a "poppa", or a caregiver, you will never be alone on your meningioma journey.

Each of us has an inner voice. Mine spoke up very loudly 14 years ago and urged me to listen to my body's signals that something was awry. Something very awry. My inner voice urged me to ask my doctors why I was having frequent migraines. Why I heard swishing in my ears that sounded like waves crashing on the beach. Why I experienced deja vu sensations. Why I couldn't become pregnant. As a journalist, I had to continue my investigation and find the missing piece to this baffling story. My inner voice and gut instinct finally convinced doctors to order an MRI.

The MRI results delivered the most devastating news of my life — I had a meningioma brain tumor the size of a baseball pressed up against my right optic nerve, carotid artery and sinus cavity. The irony wasn't lost on me and my husband, a major league pitcher at the time. My neurosurgeon was stunned I'd even walked into his office or hadn't already slipped into a coma. He told my husband I was days away from slipping into a coma and dying. I was only 32 at the time.  Read more about Liz's inspiring story...